Flickgate charges a very nominal fee on the sale of the product.

Pricing Structure

We make payment within 7-15 business days from the date of sale of the product.

Fee = Commission Fee Fixed Closing Fee Shipping Fee Collection Fee
Fees charged by Flickgate Percentage of Order Item Value A small fee charged
on all transactions.It varies by price band
It varies by volume and distance Payment gateway or
cash collection charges

Order Item Value

It is the selling price of the item and shipping charges paid by the customer excluding the discount offered by the seller to the customer.

Commission Fee

It varies by product category.

Fixed Closing Fee

It varies by Order Item Value price band.

Order item value price band Fixed Closing Fee
0-250 2
250-500 5
500-1000 20
Above 1000 40

Shipping Fee

To ensure the fastest delivery of orders to the customers, we manage delivery and customer service. Our logistics partners pick and ship your orders to the customer. The shipping fees are deducted from the selling price before making the payment to you.

Shipping fee is calculated on actual weight or volumetric weight, whichever is higher.
Volumetric Weight (Kg)= LBH (Length x Breadth x Height)/5000 where LBH are in cm.
For standard-size items, the minimum chargeable weight is 500 gms. In case of items that weigh more than 500 gms, you will be charged in multiples of the price applicable for each 500 gms.